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— Did you know? A sneeze blows air out of your nose at 100 miles per hour.

— Did you know? Many more boys are color blind than girls are.

— Did you know? Your lungs are the only organs in your body that float.

— Did you know? Your eyeballs are actually part of your brain.

— Did you know? Bones are 4 times stronger than concrete.

— Did you know? Human are the only animals that cry when upset.

— Did you know? Children have more taste buds than adults.

— Did you know? Many more boys are color blind than girls are.

— Did you know? Your blood has the same amount of salt in it as the ocean does.

— Did you know? The smallest bone in your body is in your ears

— Did you know? Your fingernails grow four times as fast as your toenails.

— Did you know? Babies are born with 300 bones 13 adults have 206.

— Did you know? The heart circulates your blood through your body about 1,000 times each day.

— Did you know? You make about half a quart (500ml) of spit each day.

— Did you know? The largest muscle in your body is the one you are sitting on!

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— Did you know? You are taller in the morning than you are at night.

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